Y Axis values are displayed but the graph does not appear

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This should have something to do with the way you import ECharts (maybe something wrong with webpack config). The option itself has no problem.

In the webpack config, I define a Provider Plugin as

new Provider Plugin {
     echarts: 'echarts'

Then in an angular component, import the module as:

import echarts from 'echarts';

Even I tried using angular Adapter by xieziyu.github.io but still getting the same issue.

Please try with an un-minified version and find what function throws this error in your code.

I tried using the un-minified version of echarts, but still getting the same error in console in the production build. I downloaded the js file, created one directive and followed the starter tutorial https://ecomfe.github.io/echarts-doc/public/en/tutorial.html#Get%20Started%20with%20ECharts%20in%205%20minutes

import {
  Directive, ElementRef, Input, OnInit, HostBinding, OnChanges, OnDestroy
} from '@angular/core';

import { Subject, Subscription } from 'rxjs';

import * as echarts from '../../../assets/echarts.js';
// import ECharts = echarts.ECharts;
// import EChartOption = echarts.EChartOption;
import { distinctUntilChanged } from 'rxjs/operators';

  selector: '[ts-chart]',
export class EchartsDirective implements OnChanges, OnInit, OnDestroy {

  @Input('ts-chart') public options: any;

  public elHeight: number;
  private chart: any;
  private sizeCheckInterval = null;
  private reSize$ = new Subject<string>();
  private onResize: Subscription;

  constructor(private el: ElementRef) {
    this.chart = echarts.init(this.el.nativeElement, 'vintage');

  public ngOnChanges(changes) {
    if (this.options) {

  public ngOnInit() {
    this.sizeCheckInterval = setInterval(() => {
    }, 100);
    this.onResize = this.reSize$.pipe(distinctUntilChanged())
      .subscribe((_) => this.chart.resize());

    this.elHeight = this.el.nativeElement.offsetHeight;
    if (this.elHeight < 300) {
      this.elHeight = 300;

  public ngOnDestroy() {
    if (this.sizeCheckInterval) {
    if (this.onResize) {

the echarts file I also tried using the one generated in dist folder of this project.
Error in production build :
vendors~main.894cc1548d12aa81550a.chunk.js:1 ERROR TypeError: Cannot read property '__�ec_inner_8_0.67350' of undefined at 12.59db3dd3c1b3469293bb.chunk.js:1 at Dp (12.59db3dd3c1b3469293bb.chunk.js:1) at Ip (12.59db3dd3c1b3469293bb.chunk.js:1) at Ag.getViewLabels (12.59db3dd3c1b3469293bb.chunk.js:1) at 12.59db3dd3c1b3469293bb.chunk.js:1 at Zg.axisTickLabel (12.59db3dd3c1b3469293bb.chunk.js:1) at Zg.add (12.59db3dd3c1b3469293bb.chunk.js:1) at Array.forEach (<anonymous>) at E (12.59db3dd3c1b3469293bb.chunk.js:1) at n.render (12.59db3dd3c1b3469293bb.chunk.js:1) kd @ vendors~main.894cc1548d12aa81550a.chunk.js:1 t.handleError @ vendors~main.894cc1548d12aa81550a.chunk.js:1 (anonymous) @ vendors~main.894cc1548d12aa81550a.chunk.js:1 e.invoke @ vendors~polyfills.7b1548f9b620e9ab49bc.chunk.js:1 r.run @ vendors~polyfills.7b1548f9b620e9ab49bc.chunk.js:1 t.runOutsideAngular @ vendors~main.894cc1548d12aa81550a.chunk.js:1 t.tick @ vendors~main.894cc1548d12aa81550a.chunk.js:1 (anonymous) @ vendors~main.894cc1548d12aa81550a.chunk.js:1 e.invoke @ vendors~polyfills.7b1548f9b620e9ab49bc.chunk.js:1 onInvoke @ vendors~main.894cc1548d12aa81550a.chunk.js:1 e.invoke @ vendors~polyfills.7b1548f9b620e9ab49bc.chunk.js:1 r.run @ vendors~polyfills.7b1548f9b620e9ab49bc.chunk.js:1 t.run @ vendors~main.894cc1548d12aa81550a.chunk.js:1 next @ vendors~main.894cc1548d12aa81550a.chunk.js:1 r @ vendors~main.894cc1548d12aa81550a.chunk.js:1 t.__tryOrUnsub @ vendors~main.894cc1548d12aa81550a.chunk.js:1 t.next @ vendors~main.894cc1548d12aa81550a.chunk.js:1 o._next @ vendors~main.894cc1548d12aa81550a.chunk.js:1 o.next @ vendors~main.894cc1548d12aa81550a.chunk.js:1 t.next @ vendors~main.894cc1548d12aa81550a.chunk.js:1 t.emit @ vendors~main.894cc1548d12aa81550a.chunk.js:1 Nf @ vendors~main.894cc1548d12aa81550a.chunk.js:1 onHasTask @ vendors~main.894cc1548d12aa81550a.chunk.js:1 e.hasTask @ vendors~polyfills.7b1548f9b620e9ab49bc.chunk.js:1 e._updateTaskCount @ vendors~polyfills.7b1548f9b620e9ab49bc.chunk.js:1 r._updateTaskCount @ vendors~polyfills.7b1548f9b620e9ab49bc.chunk.js:1 r.runTask @ vendors~polyfills.7b1548f9b620e9ab49bc.chunk.js:1 F @ vendors~polyfills.7b1548f9b620e9ab49bc.chunk.js:1 c.invokeTask @ vendors~polyfills.7b1548f9b620e9ab49bc.chunk.js:1 i @ vendors~polyfills.7b1548f9b620e9ab49bc.chunk.js:1 b @ vendors~polyfills.7b1548f9b620e9ab49bc.chunk.js:1

Checkout what's undefined.

Hi. I filtered the echart.js file in minimizer so that it does not get minified/compressed in production build and it works fine. The following method was returning undefined:

function makeCategoryLabelsActually(axis, labelModel) {
    var labelsCache = getListCache(axis, 'labels');
    var optionLabelInterval = getOptionCategoryInterval(labelModel);
  ----->  var result = listCacheGet(labelsCache, **optionLabelInterval);

    if (result) {
      return result;
  function listCacheGet(cache, key) {
    for (var i = 0; i < cache.length; i++) {
      if (cache[i].key === key) {
   ----->     return cache[i].value;

@Ovilia Can you suggest what could be the issue with production build?

I cannot reproduce the error with the option provided. It should be a problem of your own environment, which I'm afraid I could not offer any help.

Thanks for your reply. Can you please suggest a recommended webpack configuration. I tried looking up on Google/SO but could not find anything relevant?

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